A Little About Me --

For those who know me, they know this company has been a long time coming for me.  Fashion has been my desire since high school, but I was too nervous to start a company.  However, with the support of my husband, our parents, the push of a former college professor, the stress of having a job that I didn’t enjoy, and my faith in God, I created Demure to fulfill all of my dreams in the fashion industry.

My mother and I have been making jewelry together since 2001, and it continues to bring me joy.  I’ve learned several new techniques since then, and with knowledge and passion come a drive to succeed in what you know and love!  I love to work with metal, large beads and gemstones. 

I have high expectations for Demure – though it started relatively small in May 2014 with just a few pieces of jewelry, I have since added other accessories, handbags, and apparel!  And there are no limits to what it could one day turn into!

I sincerely hope everyone loves what I’ve been able to create, and appreciates the pride I hold in my workmanship! I also hope each and every piece makes her owner feel beautifully Demure!!